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Career Coaching

A guide to achieving your goals

Have you found your dream job/position?


Well the honest answer is, we may all ask ourselves that sometimes, we may go through our working lives and say yes I have found what I love doing but it has become a bit stale and I’m bored of it, or maybe we have gone from job to job, not really finding anything that really clicks with us and then sometimes we come to point in our lives when we say “you know what, I want to do something completely different”.


Do you need help with presentations or standing up front or maybe understanding emotional intelligence or maybe even you want to put on a team building day.


So, whether you are looking at management roles or positions, looking for new direction or just looking to find what resonates with you. Through Coaching techniques, I can help you build a better future.

Some of the areas you may consider:


• Looking at your personal preferences (Myers Briggs Type Indicators, MBTI) so that you  understand how you interact with others, looking at management styles and what makes you who you are.

• Dealing with imposter syndrome

• Interview techniques, selling your unique selling point (USP)

• Time Management

• Competency Values Framework (what does it all mean)

• Goal setting, create your launch pad

• Emotional Intelligence/team building

• Presentation Skills

• Teaching techniques


You are unique and you have something to bring to the table, they need you, lets bring that out so the world can see it. Discover your potential...


Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation and get you on the path where you want to be.


I also provide teaching workshops for corporate business and individual courses. I can provide leadership workshops to help new leaders understand their own leadership style, deal with difficult conversations, value the need for one to one and succession planning I provide a team building workshop to strengthen team cohesion and working together. I provide courses on confidence building, presentation skills, the role of a tutor/mentor. Contact me to see how I can help meet your company’s or individual needs.

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